Plastic Funeral

by Joshua Rex

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released April 29, 2011



all rights reserved


Joshua Rex Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Drywalled In
Drywall color's purity
Drywalled bedroom walls
Drywalled-in family
Drywalled in dog

A lifetime of paybacks
Devalued real estate
And we pick up all our things
From the interstate

He was so afraid of the black guy
She was so afraid of the black guy
They were so afraid of the black guy
We were so afraid of the black guy
Approaching the car

White clouds cover everything
Hover above our heads
Hover above the city
A veil to cover the dead
Track Name: Origin of Cancer
Raised from the well
In wooden pails
Served up on trays
Of school lunches
Clusters of ash
We all fall down
Flowers of Green Springs
Pulled underground

Run little children, run away
Run away from home
The cautionary tale
Has been ignored

Don't bother
No one will claim responsibility
Cold hand of death
Won't over us pass
Flowers of the Spring
Plucked from the grass
Track Name: Pass Time
Passing time in the modern world
Is killing me
Moving up in the modern world
W/out a TV
And I'm driving around
Down the streets of
The motorless city
I see a skyline of skyscraper coffins

A landmark on a landfill reads
Here lies buried the American Dream
And I'll sing like a wolf
Running around the ruined city
Unchecked and unchallenged
There's no one to stop us
Track Name: In Memory
Dose one in the morning
And one in the evening
Use as suggested when
One kind isn't enough
Still I can't face the morning
And I can't face the evening
Waiting at a traffic light
It turns green but you don't notice
You don't notice

Instinct rejected
Do as directed
Make Anti-Expressants
But I remember the Garden
Remember my Aunt's house
I remember the sunburn
That I got at the Ocean House
And I'm saved
I'm saved

Will set you free
Track Name: The Long Road to the Middle
It goes away
Each tick of the second hand's a day
Home is far away
On the gridlocked side of the highway
A lifeline spent in line

It passes away
The world you know
And people in picture frames
Breathing out your last
In a car crash on an overpass
The sun dies in the West
A red and orange shell burst

The long road to the middle
Is paved w/ miles of acquiescence
The long road through it all

So put your light inside of me
Put your life inside of me

We move away
To the east where I change my name
A hand-recorded past
Electronically transmitted and then lost
A digital identity
The last beat of an artificial heart
Track Name: A Vinyl Sided Divorce
Before we say goodnight
Before we say goodbye
Turn down the heat
Cancel the TV

Set your ghost on me
Set your ghost after me

Bedroom set
Washer and dryer
Buyout them
Buyout me, cause I'm leaving
Another vinyl sided divorce
They need to know
Who will keep the home
But what I need is
For you to buyout my feelings

Buyout my feelings
Buyout my feelings
Track Name: Covered in Blood
I don't want to know your password
I don't want to know what's going on
Behind the screen
Behind the scenes
And I don't want to know my credit score
I don't want any credit unless it's covered in blood
Covered in blood
And I don't want to see that picture
I don't want to know it's been erased
From the earth, from the earth

Oh come now, be reasonable
Sign the loan, cash the paycheck
Be a man, be reasonable
Settle down, ignore your instinct

I don't want to put my faith in
Tiny golden statues but I'm
Running out of answers
And I don't want to leave home
I just want to be alone
W/ the TV on, w/ blinders on'

Oh come now, be reasonable
Sign the loan, cash the paycheck
Be a man, be reasonable
Settle down, ignore your instinct

I don't want to see our bodies
Pressed in the car crash
Covered in blood
Track Name: Disconnected
One step ahead
And nine back
Today new
And tomorrow obsolete

We'll move away
To sunny CA
But still you drag
The same old baggage w/ you


I'll make my own
Computerized world
And move into
A virtual city
Where there's no rain
Or cracks in the sidewalk
We'll watch the rays
Of an electronic sunrise


We don't want to hand-write it
We don't want to be reminded
We don't want to get cancer
We know that there isn't an answer
We don't know what's come before us
We don't want to suffer the boredom
We don't want to make the effort
We don't want to let anyone in
We just want it to be over
We want it all to be over
We just want it to be over
We want it all to be over